Land of my soul

Land… la Terra cantata dai poeti e accarezzata dallo sguardo, Terra lasciata emigrando in cerca di fortuna e  ricordata con nostalgia.


01  Top of Cork road/Trip to Sligo/The eavesdropper
02  O Southern breeze
03  The earl’s chair /The youngest daughter
04  Port Atholl
05  An emigrant’s daughter
06  Out on the road /The man of the house /Peeler’s jacket
07  Will ye go to Flanders
08  Lament for O. Roe O’ Neill
09  Squire Parsons
10  Captain O’Kane
11  Mary O’Neill
12  Hewlett
13  Foggy dew
14  Banks of Ilen /Ships are sailing /Cup of tea /The old copperplate